Global Health and Security Engagement

Students attending this seminar will systematically acquire relevant skills to enable them to provide constructive advice and beneficial contributions when working on transnational, interdepartmental global health projects. Contributing to the think tank approach, the participants will prepare a final communiqué concerning the relationship between health and security. This communiqué will be presented at the World Health Summit 2017 in Berlin, where it may be considered by decision makers at the national and global health and security policy level.

Training Objective

This international seminar, which will be conducted in the English language, covers fundamental knowledge regarding global health affairs and related influencing factors in the security policy context. Moreover, the civil-military and political interaction taking place during the course will encourage participants to form an international and multidisciplinary network.

Course Dates in 2019

04.11. - 08.11.2019

Potential Participants

  • Bundeswehr field-grade officers
  • international field-grade officers
  • civilian federal employees/Federal Foreign Office staff and civilian employees of foreign ministries
  • leaders of think tanks/academic institutions

Short designation: : GHSE
Module number: : 4042
Course number: : 178273

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