Planning Implementation 

  • contents, interfaces and work-related procedures of the management process of planning implementation as well as products, competences and responsibilities.
  • ananlysis of financial requirements, resource planning, budgeting
  • planning requirements, planning contributions, planning suggestions, analysis of financial requirements, Agreement on Objectives II
  • methods, procedures and instruments
  • resources plan, annual program negotiations, decision on benchmarks
  • Budgetary Principles Act, Federal Budget Code
  • SASPF-based granting of budget resources

Training Objective

The students know and understand the overall contexts, contents and responsibilities of the “Planning Implementation and Budgeting” subprocess of the Executing Integrated Planning performance process as well as interfaces with other subprocesses of this performance process and with external processes. Moreover, the students are familiar with and understand the methods, procedures, instruments and products of the subprocesses of “Financial Requirements Analysis”, “Contributing to Benchmark Decisions”, “Resource Planning” and “Budgeting”.

Course Dates in 2019

03.06. - 07.06.2019

Potential Participants

  • Bundeswehr field-grade officers
  • reserve field-grade officers
  • Officers with pay grade A10 upon request for a special permission from the technically competent authority
  • civilian federal employees with a first assignment in the field of Bundeswehr planning

Short designation: PlgUms
Module number: 2011
Course number: 168 190

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