Backgrounds and Perspectives of Strategic Thinking

The seminar prepares for assignments at levels requiring strategic understanding in the context of international or national security and defense policy. It imparts fundamental and advanced knowledge regarding the understanding of strategy and strategic contexts.

Training Objective

The students attending the seminar know the fundamentals and criteria of strategies and substrategies which are important in terms of security policy; they are able to evaluate current strategic approaches to crisis prevention and crisis and conflict management and to consider strategically relevant perspectives of international and national security and defense policy in their task performance.

Course Dates in 2019

01 Apr to 05. Apr 2019

19 Aug to 23. Aug 2019

Course Dates in 2020

08 Jun to 12 Jun 2020

04 Dec to 18 Dec 2020

Circle of Participants

  • Bundeswehr field-grade officers
  • reserve field-grade officers
  • field-grade officers from other countries
  • personnel from other organizational areas

Short designation: StratDenken
Module number: 1007
Course number: 126566 

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