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Hamburg, 30.11.2017

Many partners of students at the BwCSC accepted the invitation to the Welcome Night

Many partners of students at the BwCSC accepted the invitation to the Welcome Night"

Getting to know each other

 Getting to know each other

Making new friends from all over the world

Making new friends from all over the world

Being the highest-level training institution of the German Armed Forces, the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College (BwCSC) is special in many respects: Soldiers from altogether 120 different nations have studied at the college in the past 60 years. Currently, students of about 50 different nationalities are attending courses at the college day by day. Many of them have come to Hamburg with their families. They have not only come to a city they are unfamiliar with but also to a new country and in many cases to a new continent, too. In order to make it easier for them to arrive in their new environment and to facilitate the exchange of information that is vital particularly to newly arrived families in the Hanseatic city, three women have decided to support the process of getting to know each other. They initiated the BwCSC Welcome Night.

Commitment is Key

Frauke Lüchow, Kimberly Jordan and Captain Jana Grigoleit are wives or partners of current or former students at the BwCSC. They invited the families of officers studying on the recently started National and International General/Admiral Staff Officer Courses to come together within the scope of a welcome evening. "We've been doing this because we want to provide the newly arrived families with useful information and facilitate their start in Hamburg. Finally, they are all faced with a new language, a new housing situation, new schools for the kids and an entirely new environment," says Frauke Lüchow, who is the partner of Major Hille. The reaction to their invitation was overwhelming: 48 partners of students from twelve different nations attended the event. Even some "older" families participated in the event and shared their experiences with those that had newly arrived.

Well-Planned Program

The evening started with a tour of the BwCSC. As there are many events taking place on the premises of the BwCSC, it is important to know the names and locations of the most important buildings as for instance the Henning von Tresckow Building, the Admiral von Wellershof Building or the Manfred Wörner Center. In the mess association, Frauke Lüchow then officially welcomed the families and told them about her own experiences. Since earlier this year, she has been in charge of organizing the mothers and toddlers cafe at the Graf von Baudissin Barracks. "When you have children, it is much easier to get into contact and establish social networks," she explained. Many nodded their heads showing that they had gained similar experiences. The guests gladly received brochures containing information about the MWR Office, about nearby playing-grounds, sights, doctors and many more aspects in Hamburg. At dinner, the first phone numbers were exchanged.

New Faces, New Friends

Kurt Tucholsky once said: "Friendship, that's like home." Considering the event under this motto, the evening was a complete success. All guests were glad they had come and they all seized the opportunity to get into contact with each other and pave the way for new bonds of friendship. "Such a network is invaluable," also confirmed Kimberly Jordan. Not only for the guests but also for the organizers, this first Welcome Night was very informative. "It is always fascinating to see how quickly friendship and mutual understanding develop among nationals from so different parts of the world here at the BwCSC," says Lüchow. The event was a great success and everyone is looking forward to more to come: And indeed, the organizers are already planning to gather the families on an afternoon in the Advent season and also to go on excursions together.