Author: Stefan Berger; Photos: Katharina Junge

Hamburg, 17 May 2017

Admiral Stawitzki welcoming Admiral Trojahn to the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College

Signing the College's guest book

Talks among admirals




Visit of Rear Admiral (Upper Half) Frank Trojahn, Chief of Naval Staff of the Royal Danish Navy to the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College

With officers from all over the world studying at the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College, the campus brims with colorful and varied uniforms. In an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding, personal contacts easily develop and networks are quickly established. It is no surprise then, when former students return to the college as visitors. One such visitor was welcomed at the BwCSC on 11 May 2017. Twenty years after the beginning of his two-year training on the 1997 National General/Admiral Staff Officer Course, former student Frank Trojahn—meanwhile a rear admiral (upper half)—returned to the college for a short visit.

The College Then and Today

After talks with the Commandant of the BwCSC, Rear Admiral (Upper Half) Carsten Stawitzki, and the Director of Academic Management, Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Karsten Schneider, Admiral Trojahn gladly seized the opportunity to take a walk through the Clausewitz Barracks. In the Navy Branch, the Admiral encountered a former fellow student of the 39th Admiral Staff Officer Course and both enjoyed their memories of the good old days. "Much of what I see today is new, but there are also several things that are still familiar to me. It feels like coming home. The new modern auditoriums and the Manfred Wörner Center are quite impressive. Most enjoyable, however, is the pleasant atmosphere on campus," Admiral Trojahn said in talks with the Head of the Navy Branch and Representative of the Chief of the German Navy at the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College, Captain Straus.

Opinion Exchange with Students

During his walk through the barrack, the Danish Chief of Naval Staff was accompanied by a Danish student from the 2015 National General/Admiral Staff Officer Course. Lieutenant Commander Nicolai Svane informed his superior in detail about his experiences with the college's current training approach, which today, not only focuses on military topics but also on social or economic issues.

The Cooperation Continues

"For Denmark, Germany is an important strategic partner in the region," said Rear Admiral (Upper Half) Trojahn at the end of his visit. "We will gladly continue our cooperation with this remarkable training institution and seize the training opportunities it offers.“ Indeed, another Danish naval field-grade officer will study on the next National General/Admiral Staff Officer Course. So maybe, he too, will visit the college as an admiral one day.