13th Hamburg Discourse: The North Korea Crisis (2)

Autor: Verena Hoffmann & Jonathan Scheffler; Fotos: Katharina Roggmann

Hamburg, 14.03.2018

Focus on further threat potential

Currently, the world focuses on the nuclear saber-rattling between the United States and North Korea. However, as an interested listener from the audience correctly observed, it would be short-sighted to consider only this aspect alone as a potential threat. Given his experience as an observer of North Korea during his participation in the Supervisory Commission to the country, Major General (ret.) Gerber absolutely agreed with this view. North Korea is well equipped and according to Gerber, it has already proven its capability to cause damage to its adversaries by means of cyber attacks. In particular, Gerber considers South Korea, which is technologically highly developed, and the United States to be potential targets for a North Korean cyber attack.

Peaceful solution of the North Korea Crisis

Despite all hegemonic ambitions of the regional and supra-regional parties involved in the North Korea Crisis, common interest in a peaceful solution of the conflict and an end of the proliferation of nuclear weapons must always take priority. In order to deescalate the situation, it is first necessary to establish communication on an equal footing and then enter a process of rapprochement. Therefore, the whole world is eagerly awaiting the announced meeting between North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump.

"Pointed questions and a wonderful audience"

With these words of thanks to the interested audience, Jörn Thießen concluded the evening’s panel discussion and invited the guests to enjoy the buffet in the entrance hall and to seize the opportunity for further exchange.  The Hamburg Discourse has taken place for the thirteenth time since its establishment in 2012. It is an event conducted in cooperation with the Atlantic Council of Germany, the Clausewitz Society and the Foreign Officer Training Support Fellowship at the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College and provides an opportunity for opinion exchange and network building with leaders from the economy, politics and authorities and institutions in Hamburg.

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