Federal Academy of Education and Training in the Bundeswehr

It supervises the Bundeswehr Schools of General Vocational Education and the Bundeswehr Schools abroad. The former federal schools of defense administration were integrated in the Federal Academy of Education and Training in the Bundeswehr.

The Academy bundles the qualifying vocational education programs offered by the Bundeswehr. It develops binding rules for the implementation of training and qualification in accordance with the Vocational Training Act.

It represents the Bundeswehr's interests vis-à-vis external organizations which are responsible for the development and adaptation of occupational profiles and training regulations or which are providers of education, qualification and certification measures.

The Academy pursues the recognition of Bundeswehr vocational and occupational fields for civilian vocational purposes and the certification of competences acquired in the Bundeswehr.

It ensures the certification of basically all qualification processes that may potentially be recognized in the civilian environment (exceptions: medical service, language service, aircraft piloting and aviation security).

It provides advice to all organizational areas in terms of issues of training, qualification and certification and with regard to the joint support of an internal Bundeswehr labor market.

Moreover it is in charge of the coordination of the common Bundeswehr follow-on training for executive staff, career training for civil servants (exception: higher intermediate-level non-technical civil service) including examination and the training, advanced and further training of Bundeswehr civilian personnel.

The close connection of both institutions is reflected by different joint events. This includes particularly joint module courses that are conducted within the scope of joint follow-on training of executive staff. The close cooperation is also written down in a cooperation agreement that was signed on 6 June 2012 by order of the Federal Ministry of Defence.


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