National and International Partners


Wissenschaftlichen Forum für Internationale Sicherheit e.V. (WIFIS)

The Scientific Forum for International Security in Hamburg was established to promote and publish scientific studies in the fields of security and defense policy. It focuses particularly on international security.

Alliance for Security in the Economic Sector (ASW)

The federal ASW association is an interface between the security authorities and the economy. The association endures for instance that all information from authorities is received by the enterprises and vice versa.

Leadership Academy of the Federal Deployment Agency

The FDA’s Leadership Academy is an internal provider of training and education to personnel of the Federal Deployment Agency. It serves as a center of excellence for internal qualification and performs its functions in and beyond its area of jurisdiction including municipal experts and leadership personnel in its activities.

Women in international Security Deutschland e.V. (WIIS)

Today, is represented in the United States with four chapters and a headquarters in Washington, D.C.. Internationally, it has 22 national chapters. The degree of organization of these international WIIS chapters varies greatly, ranging from a formerly exclusive club of approximately 20 women in the Philippines to a more loose but very active network in Brussels. is the only national chapter that has a statute and an extensive independent program.

Center for International Peace Operations (ZIF)

The Center for International Peace Operations provides “one-stop” services and expertise on peace operations. ZIF’s integrated approach, combining training, human resources, and analysis under one roof, is internationally recognized as a leading model.

German Atlantic Association e.V. (DAG)

NATO is the most successful alliance in the world in terms of security policy. Based on freedom, democracy and the rule of law, it has been a guarantor of peace, stability and security to its member states for more than 60 years. The German Atlantic Association has set itself the aim to promote a deeper understanding of the purpose of the Atlantic Alliance and to inform about the policy of NATO.



Federal Academy of Education and Training in the BundeswehrBundeswehr Education Management Center

The Bundeswehr Education Management Center has the overall responsibility for the Bundeswehr education and qualification process below the ministerial level.




Genfer Zentrum für Sicherheitspolitik (GCSP)

Das Genfer Zentrum für Sicherheitspolitik (GSCP) ist eine 1995 gegründete Stiftung mit 46 Mitgliedsstaaten. Ihr primäres Ziel ist es durch Aus- und Weiterbildung von Führungskräften, angewandter Politikforschung und Dialog Frieden, Sicherheit und internationaler Kooperation zu fördern.



Regional Partners


Foreign Officer Training Support Fellowship

The aim of the fellowship is to support the Führungsakademie’s training efforts in the training and advanced training of foreign officers. It actively supports the integration of the Führungsakademie’s foreign students and their families into their social environment in Hamburg and contributes to mutual trust and understanding.

International Clausewitz Center at the Führungsakademie der Bundeswehr

Wishing to preserve the heritage of military philosopher and reformer Carl von Clausewitz, the Führungsakademie established an international meeting center in November 1999 to discuss issues of security policy and reflect and debate on Clausewitz’s ideas.



Baudissin Documentation Centre

On 22 November 2001, then-commandant of the Führungsakademie, Major General Beck, signed an agreement stating that almost the entire estate of Lieutenant General Professor Wolf Graf von Baudissin would be stored, made accessible and taken care of on the premises of the Führungsakademie in the future.

Bundeswehr University in Hamburg

The Helmut Schmidt University is one of the two universities in Germany which serve the purpose of offering academic study programs to military officers. It enhances the attractiveness of the officer’s profession and at the same time gives impetus to the Armed Forces as a top performing institution..