Seminar – International Higher Command and Control

The seminar "International Higher Command" is designed for the advanced training of German and foreign field-grade officers from NATO or EU nations, including German reserve field-grade officers who are earmarked for or employed in national posts at OF-5 level and higher as well as for the preparation of civil servants at comparable levels for appropriate tasks within the area of responsibility of the German FMoD. Moreover it is designed to provide for meetings with equal-ranking US field-grade officers/civil servants for exchanges of opinion and information about the individual national positions, for the establishment of relationships and contacts and for the intensification of transatlantic partnership (Network Building & Bonding).

Training Objective

The students attending the seminar are qualified to perform military command tasks in senior functions at the national and international levels or to assess them as civil servants and to implement management tasks at the appropriate level.

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Course Dates in 2019

12.03. - 12.04.2019

Potential Participants

Participation upon invitation: The selection is made exclusively by the personnel management agency.

Short designation: IntHöFü
Module number: 1011
Course number: 112157