Who We Are

Medical Services and Health Sciences Branch

Within the scope of health care instruction in the Bundeswehr, we teach our students knowledge and skills in the fields of medicine and the health sciences. In this context, we focus on functional interdependencies between the capabilities of the medical services of land, air and naval forces in joint and combined operations and on the cooperation with international organizations (IOs), governmental and non-governmental organizations (GOs & NGOs).


Führungsakademie der Bundeswehr
Bereich Sanitätsdienst und Gesundheitswissenschaften
Manteuffelstraße 20
22587 Hamburg
Telephone: 040/8667-6901
Telephone Bw-intern: 7900-6901
Email: FueAkBwBerSanDstGesWiss@bundeswehr.org

What We Do

Living up to the standard of life-long learning, the Medical Services and Health Sciences Branch offers post-graduate basic, advanced and follow-on training to Bundeswehr field-grade officers of all services (active duty and reservists) as well as to field-grade officers from other nations and to officials from all German federal ministries; moreover to members of professional associations and to senior officials from IOs, GOs and NGOs. Together with national and international partner institutions, we study political, social and health-related issues and further explore them. By doing so, our students are enabled to render medical support to own and allied armed forces as well as to the civilian population in complex operational environments more efficiently.

Course Contents

Lecturers from the BwCSC, from allied nations, international organizations and non-governmental organizations teach the students a wide variety of subjects and prepare them for tasks to be fulfilled in an international environment.

Our modules are focused on topics such as military medical leadership and management, civil-military cooperation in the field of health care, mission-related health care and global health and security.