Who We Are

The Faculty of Political/Strategic Studies and Social Sciences, led by a civilian faculty head, is made up of civilian and military scientists who pursue research activities and give lectures in various subject areas.

Point of Contact

Führungsakademie der Bundeswehr
Fachbereich Politik und Gesellschaftswissenschaften
S3 StOffz
Manteuffelstraße 20
22587 Hamburg
Telephone: 040/ 8667-6702
Telephone Bw-intern: 7900-6702
Email: FueAkBwFakPSGW@bundeswehr.org


What We Do

Essentially, the Faculty of Political/Strategic Studies and Social Sciences performs the following tasks:
- Developing and updating faculty-specific instruction contents as well as teaching fundamentals with regard to the following main topics:•    Bundeswehr / society / history
•    peace and conflict
•    culture / ethics / psychology
•    economics / strategy
•    German foreign and security policy
•    international relations
•    European defense and armaments policy
•    regional studies / high-value seminar

- Identifying, analyzing and evaluating current national and international developments and challenges with scientific methods and pursuing the didactic implementation and publication of respective findings. This is done in close cooperation with civilian and military leaders as well as with academic and other public and private institutions and organizations in Germany and abroad. One example in this context is the master program "Military Leadership and International Security", which is conducted in cooperation with the Helmut Schmidt University, the Bundeswehr University in Hamburg.