Who We Are

The Faculty of Naval Forces provides navy-specific training and sets the maritime basis for jointness and multinational cooperation.
It is managed by the faculty head in the rank of Navy Captain. Apart from a small staff element, the Faculty of Naval Forces consists of ten lecturers and two tutors, all of them senior officers.

Point of Contact

Führungsakademie der Bundeswehr
Fakultät Marine
A3/Plans SO
Clausewitz Kaserne (Clausewitz Barracks)
P. O. Box
Manteuffelstraße 20
22587 Hamburg
Telephone: +49 (0) 40 8667-6402
Telephone (Bundeswehr network): 7900-6402
Email: FueAkBwFakM@bundeswehr.org

What We Do

We provide basic, advanced and follow-on maritime training to (future) field-grade officers while also taking joint and combined aspects into consideration. In doing so, we enable the (future) field-grade officers to not only attain higher qualifications but also to enhance their leadership skills.
In accordance with the approach of competence-oriented training, we impart knowledge about the capabilities of naval forces and their disposition and employment as well as the tasks and the structure of the German Navy against the backdrop of current security policy parameters.

We thus enable (future) field-grade officers of the navy to plan the employment of armed forces in the areas of national and collective defense, conflict prevention and crisis management in both joint and combined operations as well as in cooperation with civilian organizations and to exercise command and control of these assets at all levels of command.
By means of orientation courses and exercises, field-grade officers of other uniformed services are familiarized with Bundeswehr maritime capabilities and enabled to understand and assess the contributions of naval and naval air assets to joint operations.
To this end, we have subdivided the instruction into three maritime training fields:
A.     fundamentals,
B.     strategy and further development, and
C.     maritime operational planning.

Our Course Program

The lecturers at the Faculty of Naval Forces are experienced naval officers from different areas. In the aforementioned three training fields, our lecturers—occasionally supported by external experts from Germany and abroad—offer a variety of courses that are in particular aimed at:
•     officers earmarked for their first staff officer assignment,
•     staff officers earmarked for a general/admiral staff officer assignment (at the national or international level), and
•     reserve field-grade officers.
In addition to this course program for military personnel, the faculty offers seminars that are also open to personnel and civil servants of the German Federal Ministry of Defence and the public service.