Who We Are

The Faculty of Air Forces is made up of the faculty head and various lecturers, who are organized in four subject-specific domains. Moreover, there is a small staff element to support the lecturers in their preparation of classes and instructional materials and to support the faculty head in the performance of his/her directing function.

Point of Contact

Führungsakademie der Bundeswehr
Fakultät Luftwaffe
Doz FGG6
Manteuffelstr. 20
22587 Hamburg
Phone: 040/ 8667-5742
Phone (Bundeswehr network): 7900-5742
Email: FueAkBwFakLw@bundeswehr.org

What We Do

We provide air-force-specific basic, advanced and follow-on training to (future) field-grade officers while also taking joint and combined aspects into consideration.

In accordance with the approach of competence-oriented training, we impart knowledge about air force capabilities as well as the tasks and the structure of the German Air Force against the backdrop of current security policy parameters.

Our Course Program

The lecturers at the Faculty of Air Forces focus on the following topics:
Command and Control Domain
command and control of air forces
military space order
air surface integration
planning of air operations
air force IT services and support

Reconnaissance Domain
worldwide reconnaissance
large-scale reconnaissance
in-theater reconnaissance
further development of unmanned aircraft systems

Effects Domain

airspace control
air attack and air defense
missile defense
air force weapon systems

Support Domain
air transport and air refueling
civilian and commercial services
air force armaments management
establishment, protection and operation of a Deployment Operating Base
air force personnel management